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Herbal Hannah Starter Kit Natural Soap Bundle

Herbal Hannah Starter Kit Natural Soap Bundle

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*New and Improved*

Is this your first time buying & you're not sure what to try?  Try all 15 of our proprietary natural bar soaps with the Herbal Hannah Starter Kit!  These 15 travel size bars are approximately one ounce each, which make them perfect for a trial run before committing to a full size bar! 

Or, you can be like our friend Joey.  He buys the Starter Kit every time, because he likes to pick a different scent for each day to match the ~*vibes*~.  


Made from coconut oil, diatomaceous earth, essential oils, and natural clays, pigments, and plant material.  NO artificial fragrances, NO colorants or dyes, NO b$llsh!t, all natural & vegan!

Formulated by Herbal Hannah, a real Chemist, with a passion for clean, natural personal care.  Made for sensitive, blemish prone skin; even the scented bars!

Below is a list describing a few key points about each bar; click the bolded, underlined names to learn more about the specific scent.

This box includes one of each of the following:

The Original 7

Washy-Garami  made for athletes | charcoal | aritha | citrus & eucalyptus

Forgiveness calming | pink clay | citrus & clary sage

Grandma's Backyard - woodsy | oakmoss | x3 types of pine

Triple B - super exfoliator | coffee grounds | pumpkin powder | pumpkin spice

Plain Jane - unscented | base formula | extra sensitive skin

Plain Jane + Oatmeal - unscented | oatmeal | eczema

Plain Jane + Charcoal - unscented | activated charcoal | oily skin

The Expanded Catalogue

Earl Grey - like the tea | bergamot | vanilla

Chilly Willy - cooling | menthol | fresh basil & peppermint

Zade - jasmine | yuzu | hinoki wood

Violence - earthy | vetiver | copaiba | cedarwood

Friendship - spicy floral | ylang ylang | pink grapefruit | cassia

Baby Poppie - extremely soothing | x2 lavender | x2 chamomile | dried vervain

Manly Man - coriander | sandalwood | manuka

Sun Rays - ginger | lemongrass | turmeric


To Use:

Lather hands by rubbing them together with soap and water (approximately 5-6 passes of the soap should be enough to cover a lot of surface area) and then store soap in a dry place.  For a creamier lather, rub hands together gently, for a foamier lather, rub hands together vigorously.

Lightly exfoliating bars can be used directly on body and face in gentle, circular motions.

Heavily exfoliating bars (i.e. coffee) can be used directly on the body and face, however, those with extra sensitive skin, it is recommended to do a test patch to see if your skin can handle that level of exfoliation.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Perfect for gift baskets

Every Christmas season or birthday I like to give out put together self care baskets, I'll always pop a couple of these in with them. I need to re-up on my soaps, I ran out. D:

Really awesome for birthdays and holidays

I buy this all the time for people so they can try a good amount of the awesome Herbal Hannah Soaps!