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B.B.B. Natural Bar Soap

B.B.B. Natural Bar Soap

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Coffee Grounds | Pumpkin Powder | Pumpkin Spice

About B.B.B.:

Everybody loves coffee (says the avid tea-head that rarely drinks coffee).  So, let me rephrase *clears throat* everyone loves a pumpkin spice latte.  Yes, you read that correctly: this bar is inspired by the infamous PSL and is affectionately called the Basic B!tch Bar, or Triple B. for short!

The pumpkin powder delivers some great nutrients to the skin, while also being a chemical exfoliator.  The coffee grounds make this bar smell DELICIOUS and act as a manual exfoliator.

This bar is VERY exfoliating.  Perfect for crusty elbows, thick skin on your heels, tough grease (we've seen car repair grease be removed with ease and have heard it made light work of jet fuel compared to literally every other soap), and removing resin from skin, all without being overly drying.

You can still reap all the benefits of this bar if it sounds too aggressive for you, by using this bar inside one of our Herbal Hannah Soap Saver Bags!

This listing is for one, 4.5 oz bar of soap.

Designed for acne prone, sensitive, and dry skin | for use on hands, body, face, shoes, oil stains, & whatever else you use soap for!

External use only.


Cocos nucifera (Coconut) Oil, aqua, sodium hydroxide, diatomaceous earth, fair trade coffee grounds, pumpkin spice blend, pumpkin powder, sodium lactate.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Rie Tulali
Nice and scratchy

This is my go-to exfoliating bar, I don't use it everyday since it is very exfoliating, but I treat it like a scrub and it does great! Much preferred over sticky sugar scrubs, and smells better too IMO.

Steven Huezo
Great for my dark marks

The coffee helps exfoliate areas of my back there I have a lot of dark spots and acne scars. It doesn’t leave me feeling greasy like sugar scrubs!

Cari Bong
Not Just for the Basic B’s

I love that this soap captures the subtle hint of my fave seasonal drink (PSL). The texture is perfect for scrubbing my feet, almost like a pumice stone. It leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth.

Marcus Lavergne
Natural soap for those with heart

Triple B EXFOLIATES and smells like a really relaxed uh morning where you actually have time for a cup of joe before the work day breaks up your feng shui. The first night the scrub was a bit intense, but it got easier to tolerate after that. All-in-all it makes me want to try out more of Herbal Hannah’s creations.

Also, my first package from Hannah was stolen by God knows who (the mail human 🙄) and she sent me a new one free of charge. Thank you for that unforgettable kindness!