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Athlete Natural Soap Bundle

Athlete Natural Soap Bundle

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The perfect soap duo for athletes: Washy-Garami and Recovery (a.k.a Chilly Willy)!

Washy-Garami is perfect for those super sweaty gym sessions or after absorbing everyone's sweat at jiu jitsu oss! Made with activated charcoal and aritha powder, making this bar cleansing, without stripping the oil from your skin!  Combined with cleansing and stimulating eucalyptus and citrus essential oils, that leaves a powerful scent, without smelling artificial!

Chilly Willy is great for, well, Recovery! That's why we switched the names, to make its benefits more apparent!  Chilly Willy is made with a small amount of menthol, which makes it lightly cooling if left on the skin for a short time.  This bar also features the cooling scents of peppermint, basil, and black spruce essential oils, which mentally stimulate, but in a relaxing way.

This bundle includes a set for home and a set for the gym:

x1 Washy-Garami

x2 Washy-Garami travel size bars

x1 Recovery (a.k.a. Chilly Willy)

x2 Recovery travel size bar

x1 Soap Saver sack


Can be used on face, hands, and body.

Designed with acne prone, sensitive, and dry skin in mind.


All our natural bar soaps are made with coconut oil and diatomaceous earth.

We use coconut oil for its great natural cleansing properties.  Lauric and myristic acid in coconut oil give our natural soaps an extra cleansing boost and foamy lather, without stripping all of your skin’s natural oils.

Diatomaceous earth is our secret weapon in creating a natural soap that does not leave a residue and traps dirt so it will not redeposit itself on your skin!  Diatomaceous earth consists of fossilized algae, known as diatoms, made of mostly silica (we use food grade, 0.5-2% crystalline silica).

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Keaton Stoneburner
best soap in the biz


Anthony Evans

Chilly Willy's vibrant aroma is just as great as it's therapeutic properties. I can actually FEEL the reviving effects of this cool, refreshing menthol induced soap, AMAZING!! The Washy- Garami does not disappoint with its great soothing combinations (particularly the activated charcoal & unique menthol) that help provide a thorough cleaning & as with all of the Hebal Hannah soaps that I have tried, it offers a GREAT LATHER!!

Strong, Aromatic

Both soaps feel really good on the skin. Chilly Willy is really good pre-performance and Washi is great post!

My Go To

This is my go to bundle. I love how the Chilly Willy makes my skin feel refreshed, and revitalized. I do a LOT of yardwork during the hot summer and it helps me bounce back nicely after a long hard day.
The Washy-Garami is great for end of the day. The smell is calming and clean. It's perfect for any guests I have visiting.

bret Mail
Great soap!!!

Excellent scent, refreshing!
Fun names
I’m a fan, thank you